Someone's Out There

A shot rings out across Sydney Harbour. An Iranian Princess is thrown back against the cabin of a cruise ship. As the woman falls, all hope of a secret accord that was about to be negotiated between Iran and America seems threatened.

An hour and a half later, the stern is blown off an American Aircraft Carrier as it moves towards Sydney Heads and it isn't long before the Australian Prime Minister takes an abusive phone call from the American President demanding answers.

Sydney Harbour and its surrounds have to be closed because the warship is leaking radioactive material.

Just after midnight, the daughter of the Prime Minister is kidnapped. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation is alerted and when the Prime Minister demands his daughter be found no matter what it takes, a message is sent for the immediate return of a man who has just eliminated an Australian nuclear physicist recruited by the Taliban. John Coler is a mercenary.

Solomon Keiffer, an ex-Mossad agent is the man Coler must apprehend. Each is prepared to kill to secure a life with the woman he loves.

The story has been meticulously researched and the movie runs in your head as the action races across three continents.

Do people highly placed in your Government manipulate the law to suit themselves? Maybe this is one of the thoughts that will bounce round in your head after your pulse has stopped racing and you've turned the last page of SOMEONE'S OUT THERE.