100% Alive and Happy

Would you like some help in coping with STRESS, ANXIETY, or DEPRESSION?

My book 100% Alive & Happy has the answers. I have more than 25 years experience as a Natural Health Practitioner so I know the importance of the Mind/Body Connection.

Mental turmoil is the trigger for a large proportion of disease. I have seen a lot of unhappy people take solace in junk food and eat their way to diabetes or a heart attack, so if you want to live a long, productive life, it is vital to be happy.

100% Alive & Happy has 21 easy to read chapters with real life examples of POSITIVE CHANGE from some of my patients.

As you turn the pages, the debilitating emotions of anger, fear and frustration that can breed confusion and tiredness will be exposed, but then you will be given the keys to your rightful destiny so that you can fill up anywhere with ENERGY and drive away to PEACE and HAPPINESS!